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    SC’s “Put Parents in Charge” proposal keeps getting worse all the time. Proponents, recognizing that the proposal as written was DOA, have just alienated some of their key supporters:

    Supporters of a tuition tax credit bill in the S.C. House have changed course and reinserted two key accountability measures to a revamped version of the so-called Put Parents in Charge bill.

    If the legislation passes, private schools would be required to release academic performance data of their students for comparison to public school students. Some private schools and home school groups had opposed that perceived intrusion into how they educate their students.

    Can we agree yet that home educators ought to fight against this proposal?

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    Eric Holcombe
    February 25th, 2005
    at 9:03 am

    I agree with you. I do think dragging this thing out is probably helping homeschoolers prove their case that you can’t have the voucher (which IS your money to begin with) and not have the state meddle in your affairs. Based on this statement:

    “Townsend and House Minority Leader Harry Ott, D-Calhoun, who also opposes the bill, said the changes would not generate more votes for the bill.”

    I suspect the last amendment to add state accountability to private and homeschools was just to show the opponents do not really care about the children’s education (IAATM).They would have complete control of the money, accountability, testing, etc. but are more interested in keeping the public school status quo. It was already DOA – I see this as a last ditch sucker punch to be used against the opponents later.

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    February 25th, 2005
    at 11:33 am

    That’s how the statists want it — “THEIR” money, they control.