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    An Olympic gold and a world record are fine, but just can’t compare to the g-school life:

    A magical two weeks last August left Dana Vollmer with an Olympic gold medal dangling from her neck and a world record to include on her résumé. But all the years of arduous training in a swimming pool did little to prepare Vollmer, 17, for what was next: her first day of classes at Granbury High School.

    … Two years of home school to accommodate an aggressive training schedule culminated in Vollmer’s Olympic experience, but it deprived her of the typical high school life she craved.

    Geez! I hope that’s just poor reporting.

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    February 25th, 2005
    at 6:36 pm

    I got the impression that it was a cyber school; possibly even a public one. Another Happy Meal taken home and called home cooked.

    “By choosing the home-school route, she traded in books and binders and the deadline pressure of studying for tests. In their places were e-mail lessons and Internet research and more flexibility to procrastinate if she had a rough day in the pool. Any notion of receiving instruction with a personal touch was quickly dismissed.
    “She could e-mail questions back and forth, but she never got a feel for what those people [teachers] were like,” Vollmer’s mother, Cathy, said. “They never even knew what she looked like until they saw her on TV.” ”