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    Illinois home educators are schooling this fellow but good:

    You’re not trained to deal with my child as an individual; you’re trained to keep her in line and to not disrupt the status quo. You aren’t interested in hearing from me or working with me regarding her intellect, her character or her interests. You’re interested in getting from 8 am to 3 pm without someone inflicting injury upon another or without some rightfully irate parents demanding that you keep their child from being bullied. It appalls me that public school teachers (at least this one quoted, anyway) have the arrogance to suggest that a parent, who bore the child, nurtures the child, and has a vested interest in their child’s well-being, lacks the capability to ensure the child is educated appropriately.

    And there’s plenty more where that came from.


    Comment by
    Eric Holcombe
    April 25th, 2005
    at 4:51 pm

    I can’t believe there are no comments on this link. That was awesome – although Daryl’s minorities are once again over-represented ;o)

    All I can say is, Mr. Thomas – Mission Accomplished!

    Comment by
    Tim Haas
    April 25th, 2005
    at 5:22 pm

    Well, sure they were over-represented — it fit into the media’s stereotype! 🙂