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    I guess we’re going to have to append “and regular charters ain’t, either” to HE&OS’s tagline:

    The school board Tuesday approved a charter for a new, independent San Marcos-based school to support parents who teach at home.

    The school, Bayshore Prep, is expected to open this summer with some 200 students in kindergarten through grade 12, Bayshore officials said. The school would rent a storefront in San Marcos for its headquarters.


    The vote included the stipulation that a San Marcos school board member take part in Bayshore trustees’ meetings as a nonvoting member. It also called for Bayshore students to score at least the districtwide average on the state’s standard measure, the Academic Performance Index.

    The board further asked Bayshore to apply for accreditation from the same agency that examines the other San Marcos public schools, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

    The board granted the charter for three years and will review Bayshore’s record annually.

    Bayshore Prep thus became the first school chartered by the San Marcos district. The district now takes on some responsibility for overseeing the home school, mainly monitoring Bayshore’s fiscal condition and making sure it files the reports required by state law.

    District Superintendent Larry Maw said Bayshore’s application was closely scrutinized by the district’s staff to make sure the home school would succeed.

    Maw told the board that district officials had raised at least three dozen points for Bayshore to address — chief among them a clearly spelled-out curriculum that shows what students must master before moving ahead to a higher level of study.

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