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    A bit of fearmongering in an otherwise unremarkable piece about home education in Massachusetts:

    “The one thing to keep in mind is, home-schooled kids are not taking MCAS,” state Department of Education spokeswoman Heidi Perlman said. “So home-schooled kids are not receiving a diploma.”

    And it’s dooming so many of them to four years at the college of their choice! Yikes!

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    Eric Holcombe
    April 27th, 2005
    at 9:07 am

    …and never miss an opportunity to whine about NCLB, even when you fail to blame lack of funding on the home-educated students removed from the system.

    “Only occasionally has a parent expressed a problem specifically with the Lowell public schools, he added”

    Of course with that statistically significant group of 31 families, how many of them ever actually had a child enrolled to create a problem?
    What number of 31 is occasional?

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    April 27th, 2005
    at 9:43 am

    Poor kid. Free for one semester and then sent back to jail. Parental recidivism by proxy. Maybe I can get that included in the DSM-V.