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    Those wacky folks who drove the PA Einstein Academy into the ground are at it again.

    Homeschooling, traditionally stereotyped as old-fashioned, with dated textbooks and materials, is actually quite a technological experience, with many students using timely on-line learning and robust curriculum. Now, the next wave of technology is causing quite a stir among the homeschooling community.

    One of the nation’s leading cyberschool providers, Learning By Grace (http://www.learningbygrace.org/ ), will soon be implementing a new text-to-speech component in which text can be highlighted by the student and the computer will audibly read the text back to the student.

    The rest of the PR is just as hilarious. One little section, though, ought to be of particular interest to a curriculum provider who shall remain nameless:

    Learning By Grace is the leading global provider of revolutionary Christian K-12 online learning solutions.

    I’d bet that there’s a trademark infringement issue there.

    2 Responses to “TOO FUNNY”

    Comment by
    April 27th, 2005
    at 1:16 pm

    They are chasing the wrong market. Think about how much of this they could sell to 2 income families with no time to read to their kids? A bedtime story of the night club…

    Comment by
    Mary N.
    April 28th, 2005
    at 11:25 pm

    If they had used K12,Inc. there would probably be an issue.