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    I’m going to quote the first few ‘grafs with no commentary as none is needed:

    Just 18 months ago, Chapel Hill parent Inger Evans stood in the Town Hall council chamber, begging the city school board to let her homeschooled son, then 13, play baseball on the McDougle Middle Team.

    Wednesday afternoon, Evans stood along a field in Carrboro, watching her son, Karsten Rabe, play for a middle school-age team.

    It wasn’t McDougle’s team, however. Having been denied the opportunity to vie for a spot on that team by the school board, Rabe, Evans and a group of acquaintances formed “The Piedmont Pioneers,” a team of 13 homeschoolers.

    “They’re getting to play baseball now,” Evans said. “If we can’t find what our kids need, we just go out and do it ourselves.”

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