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    The reporter must have had a lot of fun with this story about a home education “prom.”

    After the waltz came a belching contest – although at first not everybody was quite as enthusiastic about this event.

    “I’m not into the belching contest,” Eric Bailey, 16, declared earlier in the evening, but he went on to play and win, defeating second-place belcher Hannah Sartin. Participants downed IBC root beer and cream soda to produce the desired effect, and a number of BCHEF parents judged the efforts, including George Trudeau.

    “I thought it was incredible,” Trudeau says of Bailey. “The guy’s a master. I was impressed with all of them.”

    “I didn’t do very well,” says Mary Cole, 15, “but I did pretty good, so it was okay.”

    Bailey carried home a trophy labeled “Master Belcher” and several rolls of candy.

    “We didn’t put a date on [the trophy],” said Jenny Wilson, “because we might want it back next year.”

    “I’ll be winning it back,” Bailey replied.

    It’s a good piece. Worth a read.

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    April 29th, 2005
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    This quote has me rolling!

    “There’s nothing better than to see a bunch of good kids get together and learn some waltzing, fencing and belching,” he says, his face deadpan. “I mean, these are the good things in life.”