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    when you show up in the astrology column:

    VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): As public schools decline and private schools become more expensive, increasing numbers of parents are homeschooling their children. I predict that an analogous phenomenon will arise among religious groups. Called the “homechurch” movement by Christians, “homesynagogue” by Jews, and “hometemple” by other traditions, it will consist of people creating altars and conducting worship sessions in their own abodes. Seekers pursuing this approach will eliminate the middlemen and serve as their own priests, priestesses, and rabbis. If you have even the slightest attraction to this meme, Virgo, launch your own version of it. It’s time to crank up your spiritual intentions. The Divine Wow wants to talk.

    OK, it’s not really about home education, but it’s still pretty funny.

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    May 11th, 2005
    at 8:32 am

    “The Divine Wow”??

    Actually, that’s the coolest thing I’ve heard a religionist say for years. Almost makes me want to go see if my rock collection has any neat powers, or match my eyeshadow to my aura, or attempt to telepathically communicate with my cats.

    (…Ink, get off the piano. Snark, stop fighting with your sister. Smoky, don’t chew on the lamp cords…) lol

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    May 11th, 2005
    at 4:43 pm

    Spoken like a true secularist… the product of g-school incarceration.