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    When they do their next in-depth research Nexis search, I’m sure this strange tale will be counted among the statistics. Of course it has absolutely nothing to do with home education.

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    Wm. Lindewirth
    May 19th, 2005
    at 10:23 am

    Please check your stories. I am the father of the 15 year Old you discuss. Please know Jonathan was an accomplished firearms expert. He was developing the rifle of the future as design incorporating case-less ammunition.

    He did not shoot himself, all reports indicate there was no residue on his hands as would be should he had the firearm in his hands when it discharged. I fact he had, by way of paramedics statments believed made it safe by removing the magazine.

    Pictures displaced as given the media but a former teacher and former Police Officer were of Jon in 5th grade, while he was just turning 16 and wished to join the military and become a designer of firearms for them.

    Video of the firearm for which I was charged as having, identify a firearm not functuable. In fact, it fires twice only after the video was cut and “modification were made to it”.

    You grabbed some great headlines but regrettable you turned a trajedy into a bundle of untruth’s.

    William Lindewirth
    I am in the book, Wilmington, Delaware!!!!!!!!!!!