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    Let’s you and him fight and leave us out of it:

    A Houston lawyer who called on Southern Baptists to remove their children from “godless” public schools last year is now asking churches to investigate whether schools are promoting acceptance of homosexuality.

    …The resolution says schools promote acceptance of gays through officially sanctioned gay clubs, diversity training, anti-bullying courses, safe sex and safe schools programs.

    It says that if churches find that public schools are teaching acceptance of homosexuality, parents should remove their children and either home-school them or enroll them in Christian schools.

    Schools really have no choice when it comes to GSAs; the schools have to recognize them if they recognize other student-led clubs. As for the other “charges,” this proposal makes the NEA look good:

    NEA spokeswoman Melinda Anderson responded: “It really baffles me how a caring parent could find fault with public schools for trying to teach children to be respectful of others.”

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    May 14th, 2005
    at 7:50 pm

    Trying to teach them to be respectful? Trying? Really?

    I was just on a high school campus for a TV shoot. We were there while its students were in session. When asking why there were pools of water on the picnic tables in the holding area, the people who worked on proir jobs there warned me of the dreaded “lunch period” when the kids would be joining us in the space we were renting.

    After the lunch session, the area again needed “hosing”. They not only left piles of trash on the tables, those standing around dropped their trash and food on the ground where they were standing.

    There had to be enough trash laying around in an area 60 x 60 to fill 4 garbage cans in a matter of 15 minutes. No “company manners” for us. Maybe it would be politically incorrect or too demanding of mere teenagers to make such a suggestion as “please put your trash in a trash can”.

    Not one campus employee even flinched at the disregard shown to us, their guests who paid big bucks to be there, or their janitors, who arrived a few minutes later to clean it all up.

    If they are “trying” so hard to teach them to be respectful of others, they might try starting with sharing useful information such as “it is not nice to leave messes for others to clean up after you” and “littering is a misdemeanor with a hefty fine.”

    If schools don’t educate, and the new excuse for incarcerating (I mean schooling) kids, is for socialization and to make them into good citizens. Well, They don’t appear to be doing that either.

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    Ian Lewis
    May 16th, 2005
    at 9:26 am

    The problem is not that the public schools try “to teach children to be respectful of others”. The problem is that they fail and Home Educators and Private schools succeed.