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    There’s a proposal in the Louisiana legislature that would provide tax credits to just about every home educating family in the state. So what’s not to love? Just the definition of “home schooled”:

    For purposes of this Section, “home schooled” shall be defined as to teach school subjects to one’s children at home.

    As near as I can determine (from Ann Zeise’s excellent summary), there is currently no definition of home education in the Louisiana code. Furthermore, this little section of the existing code might create all sorts of problems for those taking the tax credit:

    For such an institution to be classified as a school, within the meaning of this Chapter, instructional staff members shall meet the following requirements: if a public day school or a nonprofit school which receives local, state, or federal funds or support, directly or indirectly, they shall be certified in accordance with rules established by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education…

    Finally, the definition would appear to be overly broad in that cyber-charter students would almost certainly qualify. Louisiana does not appear to have any cyber charters, but it does have a charter school law on the books.

    The LA Home Education Network website doesn’t have anything on this.

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