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    Virginia educrats ought to be glad that I reside one state to the south. Otherwise their count of HEK’s would be off by at least four.

    Every three years, Virginia requires all school districts to conduct the Triennial School Census, a census that aims to count all school-age residents age five to 19, including non-public, charter and home-schooled children. The census results in locating funding sources for general services such as bus transportation. Based on results, each locality receives 1 percent of state sales tax revenues for local schools, or an average of $734 per student, according to the Virginia Department of Education.

    The Virginia Coalition to End Discrimination in General Services for Education (VA EDGE), a parents group working to ensure equal access to basic services for non-public school children, is urging parents with children attending non-public or special needs schools, or with home-schooled children, to complete the census by the June 1 deadline.

    Actually, knowing how ornery we all are, I suspect the count of HEKs is way low.

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    May 20th, 2005
    at 9:46 pm

    And if you ignore the letters they send some flunkie to your door to count your kids. Last time there was a broo-ha-ha in Leesburg when the local paper did a little digging on the temp kid counters and discovered that many of them weren’t exactly the types of folks that should be going door to door in your neighborhood.

    Answering the census is completely voluntary, although the local officials and door to door folks will never tell you that.