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    If the home educator’s description is accurate, this is blatant discrimination.

    Open classes at Brookdale

    It’s time Brookdale Community College enters the 21st century when it comes to home-schooled students. High school students who are sophomores and above are able to take courses at Brookdale, but my daughter, who is home-schooled, has met with nothing but obsta-cles.

    Brookdale is the only New Jersey community college closed to home-schooled students. The Home School Legal Defense Association has asked Brookdale to change its policy but has not been successful.

    Brookdale requires a high school transcript and approval from a high school guidance counselor for admission to these classes. As I tried to explain to both Rep. Rush Holt, D-N.J., and Monmouth County Freeholder Theodore Narozanick, home-schooled students should be able to supply PSAT or other standardized test scores and the parent-teacher’s signature.

    My daughter is a bright, motivated student who deserves the same privileges as other Monmouth County students. I pay taxes to support Brookdale, and I have paid for the one course my daughter has completed there. I would like Brookdale to change its policy and make it easier for home-schooled students to attend classes.

    Laurie Klett


    Are there any friendly legislators up North who could lean on the CC?

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