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    Beverly Henandez, who runs the About.com “Homeschool” page, has a follow-up to the new phenomenon that’s sweeping the country- home cooking. I’m not too sure about this fad. After all, how are the kids going to get to try all of the various cuisines of the world if they eat at home? Just look in your local phone book. In little ol’ Fayetteville we have Italian, pubs, Chinese, pubs, Thai, pubs, Mongolian, pubs, and more pubs (It’s a military town. What do you expect?) Home cooks surely can’t be experts at all of those. Right? [/sarcasm]

    And in keeping with my new title of “Rationalizing Corporate Shill,” I’d like to point out that Beverly has an a new ad in the strip ——> Hey, Beverly, is that cartoon supposed to be you?

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    Beverly Hernandez
    June 30th, 2005
    at 2:57 am

    Hi Daryl,

    Yeah, that’s suppose to be me. It’s a graphic made from my first guide picture. This is the first ad I’ve ever done and didn’t really know what to use. I was aiming for a warm, homey feel. Hopefully, it’s not too cheesy.

    Great blog, I really like your style and enjoy reading your take on things.


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    June 30th, 2005
    at 7:09 pm

    Belgian beef stew (carbonnade) for supper at our place tonight. Cook’s Illustrated’s recipe rocks — but get the expensive Belgian ale to go in it (it freezes well for more carbonnade).

    Ohhhh, it smells delish!

    Now to get out another cookbook: _Everybody Eats Well in Belgium_. And they do, too. (the cookbook’s available at amazon.co.uk — Ruth Van Waerebeck’s the author)