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    The ExPat teacher, weakly defending himself, mentions that he googled the above phrase and found our favorite janitor’s screed. Of course I had to try the same search. I didn’t find the NEA piece, but I did come across something possibly even funnier– a scam (graduate level) term paper for sale.

    Homeschooling: An Adequate Education

    This ten-page graduate-level paper presents a variety of effective arguments against homeschooling, citing academic, social, and practical reasons. The paper then rebuts arguments in favor of homeschooling, and concludes by observing that American children deserve the best education they can get, and can only obtain that from the best-trained teachers in the world-American public school teachers. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

    * Pages: 10
    * Bibliography: 4 source(s) listed
    * Filename: 5696 Homeschooling Adequate Education.doc
    * Price: 89.50

    A ten-page paper with only four sources? Pretty weak. And, given the anti-home education viewpoint, shouldn’t the title be “Inadequate”? I’d love to take a peek, but there’s no way I’m shelling out $90.

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