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    to dislike K12 Inc. They’re anti-science.

    K12 Inc. has received strong criticism for using federal funds to service private and religious homeschoolers, and for its anti-scientific approach to evolution and its aggressive, high-priced lobbyists. Said Bennett, “We’re centered in the Judeo-Christian tradition. We do not ignore faith and religion and we do not ignore the arguments against evolution.”

    Is it common knowledge that their materials are not strictly secular? I swear this is the first I’ve heard of it.

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    August 29th, 2005
    at 7:45 pm

    It really depends on your point of view. Some christians think K12 is anti-christian or at least pro-secular.

    “If you think K12 is a conservative Christian curriculum, in my opinion, that’s a false impression.”

    Personally, I know little about it. But it sounds like they may be walking a fine line, trying to appeal to both homeschoolers and gov. school buyers.