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    This is depressing.

    Dozens of parents and their home-schooled children picketed Thursday, protesting the Junction City School District’s decision to limit its contract with an alternative education program to basic academic courses.

    Shelley Reed, a parent and an instructor in the Homesource program, which is affiliated with the Bethel School District, organized the protest. She said about 16 area home-schooling parents representing 36 children learned on Aug. 18 that the private alternative school’s board of directors had rejected Junction City’s proposed contract terms.

    That would cut the district’s home-schooling families off from state funding for Homesource services.

    The State cutting services is not the depressing part. That I couldn’t care less about. Home educating families protesting that they’ve lost their “free” education. That’s the depressing part.

    These folks have no one else to blame but themselves. When you take the king’s gold, you have to play by the king’s rules. Even when those rules take the gold away.

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