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    Mary Hudzinski, from a discussion on the HEM-Networking listserv:

    I have it on good authority – that of my state representative, a member of the PA House Education Committee – that any time homeschoolers request something, like dual enrollment, the response in the Committee indicates that the reps see this as a willingness to accept more oversight. It was in a conversation so I have no *chapter and verse* to refer to, but that does not mean it is not a true statement. There is an adversarial relationship between the education establishment and homeschoolers, at least in PA, and crossing the line ensures blurring to the detriment of homeschoolers.

    Mary Hud
    Advocating freedom for home educators in Pennsylvania

    OK, maybe this isn’t true everywhere (PA is far from a typical state when it comes to home education), but I’d bet PA isn’t the only state where legislators would treat a request for equal access as an invitation to suck those FODers1 back into the system.

    1FODers = “Freedom or Death” home educators. (coined by Tim Haas)

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