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    A home educating mom(?) in Plano, TX, takes exception (passwords) to an article in the Dallas Morning News that I (and GoogleNews) must have missed. Strangely, I can’t find it in the DMN’s archives, either. Regardless, the letter:

    Demand more from school

    Re: “Doing the math on home schooling,” Sunday Texas Living column by Robin Galiano Russell.

    Your writer, editor and newspaper seem stuck along with the mainstream education industry in a very rigid box regarding the home-school movement and transition to higher learning. Your Stanford political scientist states that home schoolers face the risk of intellectual isolation. Home schoolers have the exact opposite experience. They are free from legislated textbooks, they are free to study multiple sources and they are free because they are outside the confines of the system.

    Home schooling has taken off because education has not been able to provide what parents demand for their children. The only ones isolated are those of you who can’t recognize social change.

    Lu Adair, Plano

    UPDATE: Perhaps this one from last Sunday is related. Maybe there was a sidebar in the dead-tree version?

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    August 29th, 2005
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    Yes, that’s it. Here’s the quote she’s referring to:

    “Rob Reich, a Stanford University political scientist, says the home schoolers he has encountered have been “truly fabulous students,” but they face the risk of intellectual isolation.”