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    From a Q&A column on education:

    Q: I am planning to home-school my disabled son this school year. He was 7 years old in May, and he is just doing pre-writing and pre-reading work right now. I really don’t know what a kindergarten and first-grade child should know.

    Can you give me any help?

    — Desperate

    A: While many parents are now home-schooling their learning-disabled children, it is not necessary. Your son has rights, and you need to find out exactly what those rights are and have them implemented.

    Go back to the school and ask for the document that details the parent rights for special-education children. It will have a list of advocacy agencies. A special-education advocate can help you get the services that your son is entitled to. There might or might not be a cost for this service. We advise you to use this approach before trying home-schooling.

    No reason is given for the advice.

    One Response to “WHY IS THAT?”

    Comment by
    Brian Sassaman
    August 29th, 2005
    at 10:32 pm

    My generous guess would be the answerer’s ignorance of the value of homeschooling. That does not even take into account the questioner’s ignorance about the value of Google and the inter-web-nets 😉

    My cynical guess would be that it is a fake question created in order to print the pre-conceived response.

    It’s a hoot, either way.