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    The East Valley (AZ) Tribune has a very pro-home education editorial in today’s paper.

    As Arizona’s public school officials clamor for state regulation of parents who educate their children at home, the latest ACT college entrance exam scores again show that home-schoolers are doing just fine without bureaucrats sticking their noses in.

    …[T]here is no credible case for the state Department of Education barging in on parents who are teaching their children at home — unless it’s to politely ask, hat in hand, how they are achieving such success.

    Nonetheless, the Arizona School Boards Association probably won’t drop its misguided effort to sabotage successes that put public schools in an unflattering light. The latest round of test scores should dissuade state legislators from taking the ASBA’s demand seriously.

    …Home-schooling parents now have a broad range of curricula — many available online — from which to choose, along with teaching guides and legal support, if needed, from the HSLDA. The last thing they need, quite clearly, is the heavy hand of government.

    Very nice and, no doubt, true. But what triggered the editorial? Is something going on in Arizona?

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