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    I think we could relax the rules a bit, no?

    On refugees from Katrina:

    [DeSoto County Superintendent of Education Milton] Kuykendall said children already going to school in Mississippi will be enrolled more easily, with their grades and placement already part of a statewide network. “Under MSIS, they can be tracked,” said Kuykendall. “We just enroll them and write down their names.”
    Children from out of state will more or less be treated like returning home-school students and will have to provide shot records and other information. Placement tests will also be involved… “They will have to go to the health department to get a statement of immunization.”

    Geez! These families haven’t been through enough already? Let’s make them jump through a bunch of hoops.

    If this is mandated by state law, I hope the Mississippi legislature sees fit to fix it. Yesterday.

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    September 4th, 2005
    at 9:36 am

    Interestingly enough, Texas has waived proof of immunizations. The parents just sign a waiver that the shots are current, and then they are allowed to register for school here under our ‘homeless’ rules, which doesn’t require proof of address.