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    A LttE touches on the problem of HEKs playing g-school sports.

    There are challenges that must be worked out, however.

    How will eligibility be determined? There are strict academic and residency requirements on all students, so there have to be assurances the home-schooled student lives in the correct school system, as well as considerations for academic eligibility.

    There’s the rub– How do you determine academic eligibility? Standardized testing? Portfolio analysis? An affadavit from the parents? Any of these could easily be expanded from just the athletes to all HEKs. I know, it’s a slippery-slope argument and, so, inherently weak. I just can’t shake the feeling that when dealing with legislators and the teachers’ unions, the slope really is covered in Crisco.

    So I feel for the kids who might not have the opportunity to play on teams comprised entirely of HEKs. For them g-school sports teams might really be their only option.

    I’m just not sure the price is worth it.

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