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    Check out this commonsensical and unschooly summing up from a longish HE 101 piece from a paper in Liverpool:

    Advice for anyone considering home education

    * Don’t imitate the classroom and tear up any timetables

    * Follow your child and don’t force them to follow a rigid syllabus

    * Education is far more effective when it responds to the child’s questions and moulds itself to their individual needs. This is a luxury that schools with classes of 30 cannot affordp Keep a simple diary. Make a note of what the child does each day. It’s amazing how much learning goes on when you stop and look. Like growing, children learn in spurts, so sometimes they will have apparently “quiet” phases followed by dramatic leaps in understanding. It’s easy to panic during the quiet periods

    * Make sure you set aside a couple of 10 minute childfree periods every day (I called them “sanity zones”). Have a bath. Read a chapter of a book. Chill out. You will return to your kids far more refreshed and the better for it

    * Most important of all – you are the world’s expert on your child

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