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    The Charlotte Observer has an interesting Op/Ed on Christianity and private schools. Home education gets a brief mention, but what I find apropos to this blog is the extension of the “leap of faith” argument to home education.

    We’re still a tiny minority, and I seriously doubt we’ll ever be anything but. So, by definition, we swim against the tide. We believe we can do a better job for our kids than the g-schools can, despite all of the “experts” telling us we’re wrong. Is it not just as much a leap of faith (even for the atheists among us) to do what we do?

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    September 6th, 2005
    at 10:48 am

    Hi Daryl,

    Sorry..didn’t manage the Charlotte link…but for
    for this atheistically-inclined humanist home educator here, HE doesn’t involve a leap of faith as such, but instead involves acting upon tentatively held best available epistemological explanations, ie: that learning occurs in the mind of the learner when a theory is active, for only then will a learner be able to think rationally and creatively about a theory.

    Seems so obvious and uncontroversial when it’s put like that, but even this simple statement is directly ignored in school practice, where learning effectively appears to involve believing that information is poured into the mind of the learner as you would pour water into a bucket.

    Given the unpredictable nature of active theory, the maximum in terms of flexibility of learning environment is required…hence HE. And that’s just the one theory of knowledge that fits best with HE. There are others…such as knowledge being fallible, and that it grows through conjecture and refutation…all fit best with HE for one reason or another.


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    September 6th, 2005
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    My answer would be yes. On dictionary.com the first definition for faith is not related to religion of any kind. My take is that faith is believing something to be true that we do not know.

    Of course, after 4 years (or 12 in my case), I suspect faith has given way to knowing.