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    The Daily Telegraph (U.K.) is running a regular diary from a newly minted home-educating mom, and if the first segment is any indication, it’ll be worth keeping up with:

    It all started back in April, when I removed Sam from pre-school. Since then, like Sam’s pirate ship, my convictions have pitched and rolled through dangerous, uncharted waters.

    The first wave to hit us was disapproval from friends and relatives.

    “How are they going to get their corners knocked off?” wailed one.

    I thought this was a bit rich coming from someone with more corners than a Louis XVI octagonal table.

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    September 11th, 2005
    at 10:35 pm

    Great article – thanks for catching this one. I was surprised that 1% of kids are h-schooled (150,000) England.

    Next to the article was another on ID. It was really funny, but factually incorrect regarding ID. The picture is worth a jump alone!


    I couldn’t understand where they came up with this definition:

    “In particular, Mr Henderson was taking aim at the concept of Intelligent Design, or ID, which provides a supposedly scientific alternative to the Old Testament belief that God created the world in six days and nights, but which dismisses most of the fossil record as false and which relies on the Earth being far younger than geological evidence shows.”

    I’m thinking that such a mischaracterization has quite a bit to do with the level of atheism in the U.K, a strong fear of religious fundamentalism, as well as Richard Dawkins and his repeated assertions that a religious upbringing is the equivalent of child abuse. Dawkins is something of a cult hero in the UK, and I think he is knighted or named the head poobah of public understanding of science.