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    The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a piece up that just about obliterates the future political career of the home educating state legislator who attempted to push through a tax credit for home education.

    TomReynolds is not your typical state senator.

    He’s so out there, in fact, that Republican Party bosses are worried that Reynolds’ peculiarities could cost them a Senate seat the party has held since 1993.

    And they haven’t even heard some of the best stories.

    …Here’s the type of things they’re worried about: A half-dozen sources told us that Reynolds makes job interviews for potential staffers extremely personal by asking applicants such questions as whether they are born-again Christians, will remains virgins until married or have been divorced.

    …Along with the very personal questions during job interviews – often conducted jointly with Reynolds and his wife around their plywood kitchen table – the office did not hire any women during his first couple of years in office, sources say, per the insistence of his wife.

    There’s a bunch more pretty wacko stunts.

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