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    I don’t know if Helen is in the Mat-Su voting district, but these challengers deserve support:

    Mat-Su School Board President Mike Chmielewski [Boo! Hiss!] cited potential for abuse as one reason why he supported increased state regulation over private home schools.

    …School board candidates Neal Lacy and Cheryl Turner are both running against Chmielewski for a seat on the Mat-Su School Board. Both Lacy and Turner said they oppose state control over private home schoolers.

    “I’m fully aware that we have our percentage of people that abuse the home-school program, but we also have inadequacies in the public system,” Turner said. “Your true home-school parents are dedicated to their children’s education.”

    Lacy agreed.

    “If they aren’t getting state aid, then why should we test them?” he said.

    The district acknowledges that they have no legitimate rationale for their call for increased regulation. It’s really just one more way to harass home educators. I hope Chmielewski loses his job over this, but with two candidates potentially splitting the pro-liberty vote, chances don’t look good.

    UPDATE: Helen commented on the other blog that she is indeed in the Mat-Su voting district.

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