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    This is one of the strangest hurricane pieces I’ve seen. It starts off with a bit on life getting back to normal because a school district has resumed football games. And I have absolutely no idea why the reporter chose to mention that the school cheer includes “Roll Tide Roll.” Black humor, perhaps?

    The piece then jumps (sans segue) to a nice section on a home educating family who are surviving (without football, apparently):

    Even with schools closed, the lessons have continued – in compassion, grief and loss.

    Kathie Broom teaches her five children at their Ocean Springs home. After weeks on hurricane duty, the Broom children will resume their normal studies today as well.

    “We haven’t done a lot of book work,” Mrs. Broom said. “But all of life is school. The things they’ve learned since the storm are just as valuable as algebra and chemistry.”

    The three youngest children weathered the hurricane at home with their father, Reggie, a pediatric dentist. They learned to stand guard with a 7-iron golf club against water rats and snakes trying to swim into their bayou-front home.

    They watched their piano float out of the flooded game room and the country club’s sign float in.

    After the storm passed, they added waterlogged Sheetrock removal to their home-school curriculum. And they helped clear brush and comfort distraught neighbors with a cake or kind words.

    The children had questions, though, that the Brooms couldn’t quite answer.

    Joshua, 11, asked, “Why did God send that storm?” Mrs. Broom responded: “He intended us to walk through it, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

    And then it’s back to football again. Very, very strange.

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