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    These brothers seem to have come out ahead.

    More often than not, he’s done just that. McDougal has won nine of the 10 races he’s run as a Liberty Flame, including 8Ks this year at Virginia Tech and VMI. The only time he didn’t win was at last year’s cross country nationals, when he finished 13th, not a bad result for a freshman, but one that was still somewhat disappointing to McDougal after some of the scintillating races he ran during the year.

    McDougal, and his younger brother Jordan, are raising the profile of Liberty’s cross country program. The Flames, who used to compete only regionally, are sending a squad to Stanford next week for a high-profile meet against some of the nation’s top runners.

    …At Virginia Tech, Jordan and Josh, showing just how close they are fraternally and competitively, crossed the finish line hand-in-hand. Josh wanted to give his younger brother the win, but the scorer gave it to Josh, giving him his eighth win in eight regular-season meets.

    “We intentionally tied,” Josh said. “If anything, I thought I let him cross the line first. I don’t know why they gave it to me.”

    The gesture was typical. Josh has always been more an encourager as an older brother than a bully, Jordan said. That’s helped Jordan make the early transition from high school to college seamlessly.

    Gee! And I can’t get my kids to stop bickering over who gets the computer next.

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