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    I’d never thought of this one:

    El Paso County election officials need about 200 more pairs of hands to help run the Nov. 1 election.

    The daylong duties of a citizen election judge run from taking absentee ballots at curbsides to checking identification and running vote-counting machines at polling places. About 1,400 people had signed up for duty on Monday morning, but the county needs 1,598 judges, said Sarah Mann of the county election office.

    The pay for election judges is about $100, plus $10 for attending a training course before election day. A student judge gets paid $75, must be a high school junior or senior and at least 16 years old.

    …Home-schooled children also can be election judges.

    For a politically aware teen, that could be a very interesting day. But what’s with the pay discrimination?

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