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    Tim Haas found a great Brian Ray quote on why HEKs do so well in spelling bees. But I think the home educating fathers nailed it:

    George Thampy says it’s freedom.

    “Most schools have a system of learning that’s calculated to bore, that is calculated to suck the very marrow out of a subject,” he says. “Too often, the quest for grades impedes the quest for learning, while in homeschooling, without grades, kids are free to learn unhindered.”

    That’s another reason homeschoolers excel in bees, according to Charles Howell, a professor of education at Minnesota State University and the father of two homeschooled students.

    “Homeschooled students are typically given considerable scope to pursue subjects of interest to them,” Howell says. “Interest is one of the strongest motivating factors in a child’s education.”

    Nikes or freedom? You make the call.

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    October 1st, 2005
    at 2:56 am

    Where did you find these quotes? I am writing my thesis on non-traditional schooling methods and am currently gathering all the research I can. Thank you!