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    I’ve tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to keep the Intelligent Design discussion over at the other blog and maintain a tighter focus on home education here. But this time, ID and HE run smack into each other. According to the AJC, the folks at Konos are responsible for igniting the current ID controversy.

    “When we wrote that book, we had no idea what was going to be coming down the road following it,” [Charles Thaxton] said of “The Mystery of Life’s Origin,” a 1984 work published by Philosophical Library Inc. that introduced the phrase “intelligent design” into the contemporary debate and served as a touchstone for the movement.

    Self-described creationist Phillip Johnson seized on Thaxton’s book and in 1992, after many conversations with Thaxton and others, published “Darwin on Trial,” which galvanized anti-Darwin forces under the intelligent design flag.

    “He … made public all these arguments about intelligent design, even though he is not a scientist,” said Thaxton of Johnson. “I gave him the vocabulary.”

    …Thaxton, who says he is a devout Christian, incorporates the Bible into the curriculum that he uses in a home school program offered through an organization called Konos Academy. Every year about 100 Atlanta students who are taught at home attend courses offered by Thaxton and his wife, Carole, who wrote most of the Konos curriculum. “It is a way of representing the Biblical worldview, with God at the apex of all knowledge,” says a Web site describing the program.

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    September 28th, 2005
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    So much for my theory last week that ID was instigated as a PR campaign by some organization like the Discovery Institute.