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    I’m not quite sure what to make of this. I think Joanna Dark is a video game character. If not, she’s quite precocious:

    Full Name: Joanna Dark

    Date of Birth: 03/18/2000

    Blood Type: O

    Height: 5’ 9”

    Appearance: Red shoulder-length hair with distinctive blonde streak, blue eyes, pale complexion, and a slender, athletic build.

    Distinguishing Features: Star tattoo on neck (left side).

    Occupation: Bounty hunter and bail enforcement agent. Certified for international operations.

    Her education is pretty interesting:

    How was Joanna Dark educated?

    Home-schooled, if it could be called that. Joanna followed her father and Chandra across the globe as they tracked down the most elusive criminals. She spent a short time in an American school in Beijing but never quite managed to fit into such an ordered environment. Joanna was invited to leave after hospitalizing a bullying quarterback.

    Her education as a result is patchy; online and remote teaching, some tutoring by stuffy AI lecturers. Joanna’s practical nature means she’d much rather be refitting a bike’s hydrogen fuel plant or field stripping a gun than find herself stuck at a keyboard. Jack and Chandra have taught her many combat and technical skills, with her innate curiosity filling in the gaps.

    Anyone know of other video game characters that were/are HEKs?

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    October 1st, 2005
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    Joanna Dark, as in Jeanne d’Arc?