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    First MSNBC, and now Time gives free rein to its inner snark.

    And while some critics maintain this argument is but a ploy to avoid the Supreme Court’s ruling, advocates of ID avoid identifying who or what that designer might be. Could be Klingons, even.

    …ID’ers will counter, failing to teach kids about the scientific controversy over evolution is tantamount to keeping them ignorant. Except that there is no significant scientific controversy. ID proponents are correct in maintaining that there are legitimate scientists — a relatively tiny handful — who maintain that evolution is bogus science. But you can also find an equivalent handful of legitimate scientists ready to challenge relativity, or quantum physics, or the idea that HIV causes AIDS, or pretty much any widely accepted idea in modern science. A handful of doubters does not a controversy make.

    Time equates the Dover trial with Scopes. Let’s hope that in the end the result is the same:

    So the Dover plaintiffs are bringing in scientists to try and persuade the court that ID isn’t really science, but rather the exact opposite. If they lose, they will likely take consolation from the fact that back in 1925, Scopes was actually convicted. But he won a moral victory, because publicity from the trial made a laughingstock of anti-evolutionists — for most of a century, anyway.

    I do believe that the leading newsweekly just call IDers buffoons. Sounds about right.

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    September 30th, 2005
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    I sure do love ID snark. Nothing like reading a good swipe at silly people. Thanks for keeping your blog lively. 🙂