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    Jeanne (aka Falconjen) is heading up this effort. It’s sorely needed:

    Family and Home Network, best recognized for their award-winning journal Welcome Home, is re-organizing and offering new services through its website. A discussion on Transitioning Home is being offered on their new bulletin board Nov. 2 – 9, led by Jeanne Faulconer. Go to www.familyandhome.org and use the following to access the “members only” features of the site, as a special welcome to FAHN.

    user id: welcome
    password: 4family

    This homeschooling friendly organization does non-partisan and non-religiously-affiliated public policy work advocating for parents who want to spend generous amounts of time with their children — a counterweight to the lobbyists for more child care, more preschool and more after-school care — who talk as though ALL families need and want those services.

    FAHN also provides a ton of information online for parents who are trying to figure out how a parent can maximize at-home time and care for kids. It also includes Info about affordability, issues related to transitioning home from a career, ideas for being involved positively with children’s lives, coping with challenges of being at home with kids, and the softer stuff like creating family traditions, etc.

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    Andrea R. in Missouri
    November 2nd, 2005
    at 2:55 pm

    Link is broken – please repair.

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    November 2nd, 2005
    at 5:24 pm

    Fixed now.