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    THE NEXT CALIFORNIA? More on the IL situation. A regional superintendent in Illinois is going above and beyond what state law allows to harass HSers.

    The only statute relating to home schools requires that children ages 7 to 16 be taught coursework equal to their counterparts in public schools, and that instruction be in English.

    However, the law does not specify courses or qualifications for teachers, and includes no regulatory or enforcement authority.

    [Superintendent] Dennison cited case law in his effort to check on attendance, curriculum and teaching standards at home schools in his area that he suspects might fall short of acceptable educational standards.

    That 1974 federal court ruling says regional superintendents can seek proof that a home-school curriculum is adequate and even require examinations to gauge children’s level of achievement.

    Dennison acknowledged that the ruling provides no enforcement authority but said his office could use the state’s truancy law to push compliance.

    OTOH, IL has at least one really sharp state legislator.

    State Rep. Dan Rutherford, R-Pontiac, said it’s unlikely the legislature will consider tougher laws for home schooling. Teaching your children, he said, is a fundamental right.

    “If the government starts regulating what parents do with their children, it starts to be what many of us would consider massive overstepping of its boundaries,” Rutherford said.

    UPDATE: Here’s another article about IL. This one has more (and scarier) details.

    Home-school advocates say that beginning in October, Bruce Dennison, regional superintendent of schools of the three-county area, sent a truancy officer, accompanied at least twice by police officers, to the residences of home-schoolers. They demanded proof of attendance and compliance with a curriculum that corresponds with public school policy…

    One home-schooling family said the situation has made their boys afraid.

    “They hear anyone on the deck, and the little one heads for the upstairs bedroom, and the bigger one heads under the bed,” said Roger Channell, father of Spring Valley fifth-graders Aaron and Chris.

    The boys were correcting mistakes on a spelling quiz at 10:45 a.m. Oct. 3, when [truan officer] Horwedel knocked on the front door, Channell said…

    Channell said Horwedel demanded to see the boys’ attendance record and school curriculum, and he refused.

    “He said, ‘You know, I can have your children taken away from you,’ ” Channell said.

    These educrats should lose their jobs.

    UPDATE II: WND has picked up on the same story.

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