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    I wonder if Jacob Authier was unschooled. He sounds like a neat kid. A little different perhaps, but neat.

    [O]ver the summer after his freshman year, he spent a lot of time outside in his hometown of Coalinga, California, and decided that he didn’t feel like wearing a shirt to class. Or almost anywhere, really. Authier put it most eloquently: “I just stopped wearing a shirt.”

    …He’ll often paint his nipples black, or, on special occasions, some more festive color, like green for St. Patrick’s Day. He said he’s considering candy cane swirl nipples for Christmas this year. For Valentine’s Day, Authier’s brother Joe, a sophomore at Chapman, used a pocket knife to carve a heart – not the cartoon kind, but one with veins and ventricles – into Authier’s chest, and wings on his back. Authier said the wing markings have faded, but the heart “was cut a little too deep,” and the scars are still there.

    The body art prompted administrators to give Authier a psychological evaluation. “They talked to him and found out he’s OK,” said Mary Pall, a Chapman spokeswoman. “He’s just a very creative individual.”

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