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    Here’s an interesting quote from Christian blogger Phillip Johnson:

    Christian homeschoolers need to guard diligently against allowing their movement to become just one more vehicle for the kind of ecumenism that surrenders vital distinctives of classic Christianity while making unholy alliances in the name of impacting the culture, upholding high moral standards, opposing secularism, or whatever.

    His main point is that Christian home educators ought not associate with Mormon home educators, for fear of polluting the “true” gospel. The extension to secular home educating families is obvious.

    UPDATE: I couldn’t figure out why the name “Phillip Johnson” seemed so familiar. This explained it:

    First off, Phillip R. Johnson is not the Phillip Johnson who wrote Darwin on Trial. That’s Phillip E. Johnson.* (It’s a fine book nonetheless.)

    Phillip E. Johnson is the father of Intelligent Design. Small world.

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    December 10th, 2005
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    I just blogged that same post (before I saw this) but I picked out a different quote to highlight.