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    Just heard as a teaser on the local NBC affiliate:

    More people are staying home due to the high cost of childcare. Are they holding back North Carolina’s economy? [possible paraphrase]

    God forbid anyone stays home to take care of their kids.

    UPDATE: Here’s the news story on which the video report was based.

    One Response to “LETTER WRITING TIME”

    Comment by
    Henry Cate
    December 13th, 2005
    at 10:28 am

    This was a classic line in the article:

    “But Rivest said if the state is serious about improving its economy, lawmakers should consider spending more to reduce the child care subsidy waiting list.”

    When pushing for almost any expansion or increase in a government program one of the most important rules is to frame it as an “investment.” By framing it as an investment the opponents have a much harder time fighting the increase in government spending.

    Let’s pull the parents out of the home so they won’t be in a position to guide the children through troubled teenager years and call it an investment.

    Maybe if the North Carolina State government tried lowering taxes then more people could stay home and won’t feel like they needed daycare.