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    In response to the DMN Op/Ed:

    Districts need accountability

    Re: “If home-schooling counts, make it accountable,” Tuesday column by Joshua Benton.

    According to “Roger,” the problem belongs to Child Protective Services. He would rather complain of state regulation than use the avenue that is available to him right now.

    Is that how his daughter ended up flitting around California with his granddaughter? If she is his daughter-in-law (or son’s girlfriend), where is his son? He is afraid to make a stand. Did this mother graduate from a state-regulated school? Did it improve her future? Did it produce a productive adult who is an active contributing member of society? This is a parenting problem, not a home-school regulation issue.

    The firsthand reference Mr. Benton cites is a commentary on the school system and not an argument to regulate home-schooling. The school system, as stated in the article, was about to produce yet another dropout. Mr. Benton states that since his friend was heading toward dropping out, the boy’s father put him to work and taught him a trade. Should he have left him on the slippery slope or shown him what hard work is? Where would regulation have changed this situation?

    Regarding the commentary on high schools suggesting that parents remove their children and sign forms stating their intent to home-school, once again, this is not a home-school issue. It is an issue of regulating what public institutions can or cannot do.

    They should not be able to suggest the forms as an option so that their numbers are improved; it should be parent generated. It is obvious that they are more concerned about how they appear to be performing than what they actually produce. The numbers are astounding:

    In Dallas ISD, out of 14,485 freshmen, only 6,935 remain in their senior year, yet the school system claims a mere 1.8 percent dropout rate. The statistics are from Mr. Benton’s article. Quoting the article, schools “have gotten miscounting dropouts down to a science.”

    Is the question really where these students are going? If so, the question itself is faulty – it should be why are they leaving? It is a powerful commentary on the school system.

    The issue should not be about regulation of home-schools, but about overhauling the system so that it truly produces reasonable, literate, responsible adults; perhaps then so many parents would not be leaving the system, and the children in the system with disinterested parents at home would have more of a chance.

    Lynn Beam, Plano

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