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    What would M. Smith have to say about these folks? Someone needs to go preach the gospel at them. Maybe even have a laying-on-of-hands ceremony.

    Big happenings in the last few days. We have been focused for months on returning to normal after the hurricane. We are now just pushing through because we realize there just isn’t the “normal” we knew before. I lost a minor side-business. My husband lost a business. Luckily we both had other businesses, our home is now repaired, our children are healthy….but the truth is, we have suffered a set back and this last week we had to make some difficult choices. The first is this: After homeschooling the girls for years, I enrolled 2 back in school today. My 10 year old is with her best friends at a Catholic school (she has wanted to go back for about a year) and my youngest, age 7, is attending a local Montessori school. These two are our “high energy” kids and need more structure than I am able to offer right now. Both are fine with going back to school, as they are very outgoing and flexible.

    I wish the family well.

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