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    On life changing events in 2005. The first is on topic. The second (and much more poignant) isn’t:

    Not just my life but the life of our entire family was radically changed by a bus ride last March.
    I had gone to Rapid City for a conference and was on the return trip home when I overheard some ladies discuss home schooling. As I listened to them, I thought, “This might be OK for you, but I wouldn’t ever do it!” My vision of home schooling was strong-willed Cyndi sitting at a table with strong-willed Amber, and both of us ready to kill each other at the end of a week.
    About 200 miles down the road, I felt something change within me and suddenly had the impression that home-schooling would be perfect for our daughter. Upon returning home, I shared my thoughts with my husband, Stan, who, much to my surprise, instantly agreed. We prayed about this decision, and a couple months later, I resigned from a job I absolutely loved.
    Upon making this decision, we began to see God’s hand in all of this, and I can’t begin to express (with a 200-word limit) all the wonderful changes we have seen occur in our daughter, our home, in our marriage and in our lifestyle.
    Cyndi Dissing
    Sioux Falls

    I can’t wait to turn 50. So what to the gray hair, and my jeans are a little tight. No longer obsessed with more, I’m a better vendor to my customers as we work to sell our business. Today, I’m a little less sure of most things but quite certain of others – friends, my wife, faith, prayer, cards and laughter.
    What happened? At the age of 47, I’ve been given the gift of a “do over,” a second chance, the rarest of opportunities. A life-saving bone marrow transplant to treat acute leukemia. A year ago, still grieving the recent loss of my son to cancer and thinking things couldn’t possibly get any worse, they did. Without treatment I had just days to live. I soon had no hair, no appetite and a real fear that I would never leave the hospital. I couldn’t brush my teeth for fear of infection, and blood counts so low that I relied on daily transfusions to stay alive between rounds of chemo. Insiders refer to transplant day as a new birthday. Mine is Feb. 10, and let me remind you that $3 a gallon gas is no big deal, I love my wife and my dog loves me.
    Bill Connor

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