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    An interesting proposal out of the SD legislature:

    A measure aimed at encouraging school districts to let home school students take part in sports, music and other activities won approval Tuesday from a South Dakota House committee.

    HB1160 would give a school district extra state aid if it allowed home school students to participate in activities and get other school services. For each home-schooled student in such a district, the district would get 25 percent of the state aid provided for a public school student.

    I don’t see how the schools could oppose this. There’s no way that a significant percentage of HEKs will participate in g-school activities. For the schools, this is free money.

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    Scott W. Somerville
    February 2nd, 2006
    at 11:44 am

    SC, ME, and IA have provisions somewhat like this. So does Virginia, for “core curriculum courses” (not for sports).