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    Not from she who shall not be named, though. Haley Price objected to the way she looked in the Charlotte Observer. Her letter is pretty funny.

    My name is Haley Price and I am writing you in response to the post on your “blog site” on January 4th, 2005 concerning an article that I wrote in the Charlotte Observer. As I’m sure you are very aware, I was not quoted correctly, nor was the other young girl to whom I was compared. I have consulted with not only my advisors but also the Charlotte Observer on this matter and have come to a final decision on how to proceed. It is my deepest desire that you write and post a retraction to that article on your website and not only un-edit the fabricated article that I was said to have written, but also inform your readers that you doctored both articles to fit your agenda. Should you fail to comply with this simple request, I will be forced to proceed with a lawsuit in which you will, among other things, be sued for libel and defamation of character.

    I am appalled that a site dedicated to the education of youth would stoop so low as to edit an article written by a 19-year-old just to prove some point. You should be ashamed of yourself. Not only have you discredited any reputation that you might have had, but you have also damaged my impeccable record and name. I hope that as an educator, or advocate of education, you find it in yourself to teach children better than you copy and paste onto a website. Should you find this letter offensive, and I hope you do, I wish that you would respond with an answer. You are a disgrace to the name of education and I only pray that not too many people have been affected by your poisonous message.

    Thank you,
    Haley Price
    Appalachian State University

    For the record, I copied the “letter” in its entirety from the Charlotte Observer‘s website. If she has a complaint about being mis-quoted, I’ll gladly print the Observer‘s retraction, when and if it appears.

    Ahhh, what the heck– she’s a kid. OK Haley, I hereby retract whatever you wrote or didn’t write for the Observer. Happy?

    UPDATE: Down the memory hole? It appears that the Observer has attempted to re-write history. In addition to the link provided above, they also have this in their archives. It is much abbreviated and cleaned up.

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    Make PDFs of those pages, Daryl!