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    An interesting editorial in the Middletown, OH paper:

    But, beyond raising the district’s performance to the highest levels possible, should taxpayers be footing the bill for a marketing campaign to convince parents to change their minds about where their kids go to school? Should the tax dollars that pay the salaries of Price and his staff be spent to convince charter school parents that they’ve made a wrong choice? School officials have not yet said how a marketing campaign would be funded, so these questions may be premature.

    …While a publicly funded campaign to promote Middletown City Schools may be in the town’s best interests, we believe it’s still a question the community must examine fully and think through. If successful, such a campaign could effectively put private businesses — i.e., charter schools — out of business. Should public funds be spent to undermine the private sector?

    Marketing, though, is a direct result of school choice. It’s hard to see how you can hope for competition to improve the g-schools and then expect them not to compete as any other business would.

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