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    I haven’t posted an ID letter in a bit. This guy really doesn’t understand science, ‘tall. And he’s just a wee bit ethnocentric:

    Public education, for instance, has proclaimed the standard of scientific truth to be the scientific method, and since an intelligent designer cannot be empirically verified by the scientific method, “it belongs in a comparative religion class and not in a science classroom.” Yet if the scientific method is the only way to know truth, then the scientific method cannot be true because the validity of the scientific method cannot be confirmed by the scientific method! The reliability of the scientific method assumes things that are religious in nature – the reliability of the laws of nature and the laws of logic, and the immorality of falsifying data. It can be shown that only Christian theism supports the presuppositions of the scientific method.

    That’s among the dumber paragraphs I’ve seen on this topic. Science doesn’t make any claim to “truth” (or “Truth”). It makes a claim for plausibility. It makes a claim for predictability. Truth (either capitalized or not) we leave to the philosophers and the ministers (and, perhaps, the D.O.s) And that last sentence is just bizarre. Science presupposes an orderly universe that we can observe and then make predictions about. Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and atheists can’t do that? Not in my universe.

    I do have to give him credit, though. None of this namby-pamby “we don’t know who the Intelligent Designer is” for Johnston. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool creationist and proud of it.

    In the battle of worldviews in our public institutions, we must do something novel and defend Christian theism instead of going out of your way to hide it! Christian conservatives must pick a battle-line upon which victory will actually glorify the God we claim to serve. A theory of intelligent design that deceptively goes out of its way to exclude an Intelligent Designer and is consistent with any unbiblical theory of God or gods does not please the authentic Intelligent Designer, the Creator described in the Bible, for He hates Baal as much as he hates atheism. Neither will it please a circuit court Judge who can see through our sophistry.

    And, yes, he’s a home educator.

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