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    Should the state have the power to tell opposite-sex partners that they can’t live together without benefit of marriage? According to former HEK David Bass, absolutely.

    Such research is only a microcosm of the many studies showing the disastrous results of cohabitation. With such deleterious side effects, is there any doubt that North Carolin’s statute has a rational, practical basis for existence? The medical and sociological evidence is clear – committed marriages are the only consistently stable relationships. Any other family structure simply fails to pass muster.

    OK, a gedankenexperiment– Let’s assume that two homosexuals adopt a child. Can they co-habitate? Or do they have to marry? In Bass’ world they could do neither. But, I’m sure in his world, they wouldn’t have been able to adopt, either. The fact of the matter is that it is none of the State’s business whether or not two adults have chosen to get married prior to having sex (because, after all, that’s really what all of this is about).

    And one other thing– what about common-law marriage. It’s still around, you know.

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