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    I think these folks are trying to do good works, but the language leaves a bit to be desired:

    This Saturday, February 18, the Considering Homeschooling group will be hosting Debbie Feely, author of Preschool at Home: What Do I Do with My Child before Kindergarten? This free event is open to the public and will be held at 5pm at Irvine Community Church at 14804 Sand Canyon, Irvine.

    …”If you can create a safe, loving, educational, Christ-centered home, then with you is where your children need to be,” said Lowers. The group is hosting monthly speakers like Feely who will discuss how to successfully teach young children at home.

    Considering Homeschooling, with several hundred members in its Orange County chapter (www.ochome.org), hopes to counter the epidemic of preschool among Christian families. They are helping start “homeschool evangelism” outreaches throughout California and the nation, which promote the idea that homeschooling beings [sic] at babyhood.

    Babyhood? Why not in utero. I’m not in the “everyone is a homeschooler” camp. And I don’t think that homeschooling begins at babyhood. Homeschooling is a legal term that we use to satisfy the compulsory attendance laws. Last time I checked, the NEA hadn’t (yet) been successful in lowering the compulsory attendance age to “babyhood.”

    They’re babies. There’s no reason to even bring the idea of “school” into the conversation.

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    February 15th, 2006
    at 9:15 pm

    Our fair Governor has been for years talking about the fact that education begins at age 0. For them its a money thing. The sooner they get them into the system the better. If there in the system then the state must take care of them. Some day I’ll have to post a conversation I had with the Gov. Granholm’s chief policy advisor on education. It was a real eye opener.

    As far as homeschool evangelism. I wish this would just go away.

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    February 15th, 2006
    at 10:57 pm

    Brainwashing takes time. It’s never too early to drive Jesus into the tender heart of an innocent child.

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    February 16th, 2006
    at 1:02 am

    It’s not as if the NEA wouldn’t want education to start at babyhood – I believe they’ve actually said they want fully funded public-school programs for children as young as one day old.

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    February 16th, 2006
    at 2:06 am

    We always said that our home education began at birth, because for us, home education was a way of life, not something we did from eight-to-three nine months out of the year. But ‘babyhood’? Ew.